Actor, Director, Producer

Actor, Director, Producer


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Caption: Actor, Director, Producer

About Manfred Koslowski

Actor, Producer, Assistant Director
Born: June 27, 1944
Star sign: Cancer
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Known for: The Omega Man (1971), Vanishing Point (1971), Heaven's Gate (1980), Joe Kidd (1972)
Source: IMDB

Lean-faced, intense-looking, German-born, Canada-raised Paul Koslo was at his busiest during the 1970s, usually playing shifty, untrustworthy and often downright nasty characters. He first broke into films at age 22 in the low-budget Little White Crimes (1966), and then appeared in a rush of movies taking advantage of his youthful looks, including...